Barbie is a doll in shape for all ages. But is the new Barbie film fun for all ages? Certain, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are the photo of playtime wholesomeness in the trailers and the pink carpet. Nevertheless, the newest from writer/director Greta Gerwig is rated PG-13. And some eyebrows were lifted above the “beach off” jokes in the teaser trailer.

If you might be a dad or mum or guardian searching to get curious kiddos, here’s a rundown of all you want to know to make the choice on if your little ones are prepared for Barbie


Is heading to a motion picture throughout the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike crossing the picket line?

Barbie is rated PG-13 for suggestive references and short language.

Barbie and Ken in front of her dreamhouse

Credit rating: Warner Bros.

This is the classification the MPAA has available for the Barbie motion picture. But what do “suggestive references” and “quick language” suggest? Slight spoilers in advance. 

When Barbie and Ken go to the True Globe, she is confronted with some crass conduct by males on the beach. Design workers catcall her with cliches, especially fifty percent-mumbled points like “Are your pants designed of mirrors?” Nonetheless, these gentlemen converse around every single other, so the racier bits (“I can see myself in them!”) are either misplaced in the sound or not uttered at all. It looks the thought is to tip adults to the kind of chat this is devoid of producing it easy for young ones to imitate it. In essence, this little bit will probably go in excess of kids’ heads, as will the cops’ unwelcome opinions on Barbie’s outfit and body, which make her really feel — as she places it — “like an item.” 

Barbie does take note to the construction staff that they seem to be to be talking in “entendre,” and then tells them make any difference-of-factly: “I don’t have a vagina. He does not have a penis. We really don’t have genitals,” just before rollerblading absent. Later on, Barbie will also reference a gynecologist. So, mother and father or guardians with additional curious youngsters may possibly want an solution ready if they ask what that phrase usually means. 

In Barbieland, there is a little bit of suggestive language when a person Ken (Ryan Gosling) gets into an argument with yet another Ken (Simu Liu). They both “seaside” as a task, so you will find a rivalry there. They start out to bark they will “beach [each other] off.” Nevertheless it sounds soiled to the grownup ear, it is really a goofy little bit that youthful young ones are not likely to get.

The only other little bit of “language” that comes to thoughts is a curse term which is bleeped. In the third act, President Barbie declares “They’re [bleeped] dreamhouses” — with the Mattel brand covering her mouth throughout the expletive. For grown ups, this bit may possibly spark an irreverent giggle. For little ones, they will possible get it is a curse word, but which a single is fairly very well masked. 

Are there any sexual references in Barbie

Barbie winks

Credit score: Warner Bros.

Not really. Ken would not even understand what kissing is, so when he asks to commit the night at Barbie’s dreamhouse, he admits he’s not positive why.

Even so, Bizarre Barbie (Kate McKinnon) does lust following Ken briefly, noting she’d like to see “What type of nude blob he’s packing below his jeans.” There will be no Barbie or Ken-related nudity in the movie — and any baby who’s at any time played with one particular IRL knows just what is actually down there in any case.

Is there violence in Barbie

The Kens ready for battle in "Barbie."

Credit: Warner Bros.

Yes. But most of it is delicate or goofy. 

Just after the development staff catcall Barbie, a male stranger sexually assaults her by slapping her butt with out consent. In response — as witnessed in the trailer — Barbie punches him in the confront, and is then arrested. This could spark discussions about bodily autonomy and consent, as very well as regardless of whether it truly is ever Ok to harm a person who’s harm you.

Later, the Kens engage in a fight. But their weapons are mainly sporting activities products like lacrosse sticks and frisbees. And in the end, the battle gets far more of a dance-off with a activity of rock, paper, scissors thrown in.

Any medicines, alcohol, or using tobacco in Barbie? 

The Kens consume “Brewski Beers,” but they “consume” in the Barbieland way, where they keep up empty bottles inches from their mouths, and nothing at all arrives out. So, beer bottles are much more props than a depiction of alcohol currently being consumed — and in context, it’s not depicted as appealing actions.

Is there any grownup written content in Barbie

Barbie stands between two Kens.

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As mentioned in our review, Barbie does deal with gender politics, illustrating the double expectations the patriarchy imposes on women — and even the pitfalls it has for adult men. The words and phrases “feminism” and “patriarchy” are utilized frequently within just the film. So, some children may possibly have queries there. 

Kids might also request about cellulite, as Barbie discovers some on her thigh — much to her (comical) horror. There are also discussions of unattainable magnificence criteria during most of the movie.

Usually, Barbie is encountering existential dread, inquiring her good friends, “Do you guys at any time imagine about dying?” In spite of recurring references to “thoughts of death”, no one in the movie is dying or at threat of dying. The existential dread is dealt with amid a sweet-colored spectacle that softens these harder matters, with a lot of silliness in addition to.

Emotion ready? Enjoy Barbie

Barbie opens in theaters July 21.