NEW YORK (CNS) — Author-director Kay Cannon’s screechy romance “Cinderella” (Amazon) is an obnoxious corruption of the common folks tale, the most common variation of which was penned by French writer Charles Perrault in the 17th century.

A so-referred to as jukebox musical, the film recycles music originated, among other folks, by Queen and Madonna. The outcome is aesthetically unimpressive and morally off-kilter.

Camila Cabello performs the namesake character. In this consider, Cinderella aspires to come to be a fashionable dressmaker, but finds her ambition thwarted by the wildly retrograde look at of a woman’s correct part that prevails in her fictional, quasi-medieval culture.

Cannon therefore sets up what is, in a present-day Western context at least, a mainly irrelevant straw gentleman — a little something involving a truculent Taliban and the ghost of Bobby Riggs — for her righteous feminism to overturn.

As Cinderella battles both of those the misogyny of her globe at significant and the oppression to which she’s subjected by her stepmother, Vivian (Idina Menzel), she captures the heart of handsome Prince Robert (Nicholas Galitzine). Adrift, but decided to discover real love, the heir to the throne is as uneasy with his recommended purpose in life as Cinderella is with hers.

As she’s about to miss out on out on the huge ball at the palace to which Prince Robert, though wandering all around incognito, has invited her, Cinderella is rescued by the Fantastic Godmother (Billy Porter), a flashily attired transvestite anxious to satisfy her each wish.  

Involving Porter tenting it up and the central couple’s later determination to stay jointly somewhat than marry, this is of course not fare for kids. Wrong for young ones, it’s a wilted fantasy probably to strike even developed-ups as rancid.

The movie is made up of sexual references, together with to cohabitation, a cross-dressing character and several mild oaths. The Catholic News Services classification is A-III — adults. The Motion Photograph Affiliation rating is PG — parental advice recommended. Some substance may possibly not be appropriate for little ones.        

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“Cinderella” (Amazon)

Obnoxious corruption of the people tale finds its namesake (Camila Cabello) remaining blocked from her ambition to become a fashionable dressmaker by the wildly retrograde perspective of a woman’s appropriate part that prevails in her fictional, quasi-medieval culture. As she battles both this prejudice and the oppression to which she’s subjected by her stepmother (Idina Menzel), she captures the heart of a handsome prince (Nicholas Galitzine) who is as uneasy with his approved part in life as she is with hers. Writer-director Kay Cannon’s screechy musical romance attributes a transvestite version of the regular fairy godmother (Billy Porter), who also serves as narrator, and wraps up with the central couple deciding to dwell together somewhat than marry. Erroneous for young children and rancid for developed-ups. Sexual references, including to cohabitation, a cross-dressing character, a number of moderate oaths. The Catholic News Support classification is A-III — grownups. The Motion Photograph Affiliation rating is PG — parental assistance proposed. Some substance could not be appropriate for young children.    

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“Cinderella” (Amazon) — Catholic Information Service classification, A-III — adults. Movement Image Affiliation score, PG — parental assistance advised. Some material may well not be appropriate for children.