Fernando Jose Cuellar Membreno, a parent of adult children, knows that one of the biggest struggles that parents face is having kids leave for college. You are so used to having your kids around day in and day out, and being the one that cares for them, that when they leave for college, you may suddenly feel empty and lonely. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize the feelings you are feeling. Here is some advice on how to cope with being an empty nester.

Fernando Jose Cuellar Membreno Explains the Importance of Finding a New Hobby

Fernando Jose Cuellar Membreno says that one of the best ways to cope when your child leaves for college is to find a new hobby or allot more time to a hobby you already have. Many parents find that they have to give up things they love as they raise children, simply because they do not have the time. Now is the perfect time to start cooking again, break out your musical instruments or take art classes. This can help you to stay busy, which reduces the amount of time you spend missing your child.

Fernando Jose Cuellar Membreno Says Volunteering Can Make Your Heart Full

Fernando Jose Cuellar Membreno states that another way that you can cope with being an empty nester is to find something you are passionate about and volunteer. Many parents feel a sense of loss and a loss of purpose once their children grow up and go off to college. Volunteering allows you to have a purpose and do something that makes you feel whole. You can volunteer at animal shelters, homeless shelters, or even hospitals.

Fernando Jose Cuellar Membreno Details How to Still Keep in Touch Often With Your Child

Fernando Jose Cuellar Membreno explains that the last way to cope with being an empty nester when your kids leave for college is to stay in touch with your child. Set expectations for your child, such as you want to FaceTime them once a week or ask them to call once a week. Having a set schedule for when you will hear from your child can help to ease some of the fear and worry you have for them when they go out on their own, while also ensuring you know when you will hear from them again. Many empty nesters find this extremely comforting.

Fernando Jose Cuellar Membreno knows that you may feel many different feelings when your child goes off to college. You may feel empty and lonely, or you may feel overwhelmed with pride and happiness. Keeping yourself busy and staying in touch with your child can help you transition into the life of an empty nester without feeling too sad.