This is the bizarre moment parents believe they caught their giggling tot waving at the ghost of his dead great grandmother – leaving them so scared they had to sleep with a night light on.

Jamie Bonnett thought two-year-old son Loki Bonnett was simply pointing at a lampshade as he settled him to sleep in his and Stacey MacGillivray’s bed earlier this month.

However, fascinating footage shows the tot’s puzzled expression quickly turning to a grin before he begins waving towards an empty corner of the room and laughing.

The tot then repeatedly says ‘hi’ as unsettled Jamie nervously laughs and asks ‘who are you saying hi to?’ as he realises he could be experiencing a supernatural encounter.

Loki's parents think he was waving to his dead great gran
Loki’s parents think he was waving to his dead great gran

The 30-year-old has since revealed he thinks Loki saw his dead great grandmother Isabel Mathers who he was ‘really close’ to until she died from cancer at aged 87 earlier this year.

He claims ‘shy’ Loki won’t say hi to anybody aside from family members, and Isabel did tell the parents she’d be ‘looking out for them’ from the afterlife.

Stacey, 25, has found it comforting to think she’s watching over them – but Tesco worker Jamie admits he was so ‘creeped out’ he bought a night light to sleep with for a few days afterwards.

The video, posted by Stacey, 25, has since been viewed more than two million times on TikTok, with users scared by the experience and some agreeing they feel it was an elderly relative.

Jamie, from Ballachulish, said: “It’s clear he was pointing to someone over in the corner and saying hi. He’s very shy, so he won’t say hi to anyone unless they’re family.

“The way he was smiling and waving, the only person we could think of that he’d be that close with is Stacey’s grandmother. She’s just passed away quite recently and he was close with her.

Loki Bonnett with great gran Isabel Mathers before she died
Loki Bonnett with great gran Isabel Mathers before she died

Have you had any spooky encounters like this? Share your experiences in the comments.

“I wouldn’t say I believed in spiritual things before, but my beliefs have changed a wee bit. It’s nice knowing that maybe there is something after [life] and maybe she was there watching over him.

“They say that children are more susceptible to seeing this sort of thing. We knew for a while that she was dying and she did say she’d be watching out for us.

“At first I thought he was pointing at the lightshade. When he pointed again and asked ‘what’s that?’ I could see he was pointing into the corner. And then he started waving and saying ‘hi’ to the corner.

“He was smiling and giggling afterwards as well. He sat in bed with a big smile on his face. He laughed and that was actually surprisingly one of the best nights we’ve had with him.

“I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. I felt cold and creeped out, but it’s brought a bit of comfort to Stacey that perhaps it was her granny.

“We got a wee night light for a few days afterwards. That’s got about four different levels of brightness and I think we slept on the third brightest one.”

Jamie says Loki has waved at an open cupboard near their bedroom a few times before, but this experience is the one that gave him the most chills.

The dad of one was in the middle of his son’s bedtime routine, where they let him drift off in their bed at around 7pm before carrying him to his own bed.

Stacey’s TikTok video has been liked more than 100,000 times and earned almost 3,000 comments, with many baffled by the experience.

Jamie and Stacey say they've been left spooked by the 'supernatural encounter'
Jamie and Stacey say they’ve been left spooked by the ‘supernatural encounter’

One user commented: “It’s a grandparent saying ‘hi’.”

Another added: “Her guardian angel was present. The fact that she was not scared.”

A third added: “Omg I would have grabbed him and ran out of that room so fast.”

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