As much as you love your children, there’s no denying that a child-free evening is one to look forward to. Instead of changing diapers, cleaning up toys, and reading bedtime stories, you get to do something you want to do. Maybe you’ve been meaning to catch up on the latest Netflix shows, or perhaps you want some much-needed rest. If you’re unsure how to spend the long-awaited child-free evening, below are some ways to make the most of it.

Plan a Night with Your Friends

Having kids often means not getting to see your friends as much, which is why it’s so important to make plans with them when you get the opportunity. Now that you have a child-free evening, there is no better time than to plan an evening with your friends. Do something interesting – an activity you wouldn’t usually get to do. After all, you don’t always get a whole night with your friends! 

Don’t worry if you’re friends live far away or you have little energy to hit the town, as there are plenty of great options for staying in and hanging out. One great idea is virtual chocolate tasting. A chocolate-tasting experience at home allows the entire party to indulge in delicious chocolates via Zoom. It’s perfect if your friends also have kids and can’t make it out of the house! Plan the event, prepare your delivered chocolates, and log on to experience the different flavors of chocolate. Not only do you get to hang out with your friends, but you also get to enjoy chocolate like you never have before.

Make Time for Romance

Do you find it hard to make time for romance these days? That’s not surprising, considering that having children requires your full attention. Long gone are the days of last-minute date nights and romantic trips for two!

That doesn’t mean you must let romance wither away, though – not when you take the opportunity to spend time as a couple every chance you get. Now that you have a free evening, plan a romantic night for you and your partner to enjoy. Go for a candle-lit dinner, hold hands at the movies, or do something a little more adventurous, like watching a sunset at the beach.

Pamper Yourself

Most parents struggle to fit in the time to apply hair masks and go for facials. When was the last time you got your nails done? How long has it been since you spent more than ten minutes bathing?

If your hair, skin, and nails need a little TLC, take the kid-free evening as an opportunity to pamper yourself. If you want to stay home, light a few candles and pull out some refreshing face masks. Would you prefer to go above and beyond? Then schedule a day/evening at the local spa. Your body will thank you.

Catch Up on Sleep

It might not be the most exciting way to spend an evening to yourself, but it might be what your body needs the most. If you’re exhausted, go ahead and spend the evening catching up on sleep. Sometimes, that’s the best way to revitalize yourself. The more exciting plans can wait for another day!