Speedy steps

  • Log into your child’s Roblox account
  • Go into Settings
  • Set the parental controls to your choice

Roblox incorporates a number of in-constructed parental command features, which permit you to prohibit how your youngsters enjoy the activity and who they’re able to interact with on the internet.

When your young children perform Roblox, they’ll extra than very likely devote a great deal of time actively playing and chatting with other consumers. Here’s how you can command those multiplayer interactions.

What do you require?

  • A laptop or mobile phone
  • Accessibility to your child’s Roblox account

How to established Roblox parental controls

Roblox characters running around

(Graphic credit rating: Roblox)

Roblox applies many protection configurations mechanically. Gamers will facial area various limitations to what they can do or say depending on the age group of their account.