Jana Kramer opens up about the challenges of motherhood. (Instagram)

Jana Kramer opens up about the challenges of motherhood. (Instagram)

Jana Kramer gets real about motherhood.

On Tuesday, the 37-year-old actress and singer shared several photos and videos that gave a glimpse into a few moments with her two children, Jolie, 5, and Jace, 2, whom she shares with ex-husband Mike Caussin. She used the caption to talk about a vulnerable moment she had after a hard day with her kids.

“Motherhood. It’s by far the greatest thing in the world and also the most challenging,” she wrote. “Today was a challenging one. The one where it tests you to your core. After screaming kids, not listening and literally being bitten by Jace at soccer it made sense I just walked around the corner tonight to cry. Like the scene where Charlotte hid in the pantry just to have 2 mins to shed the tears. I have never felt more love and joy as a mother but I’ve also never been tested this much to my core either. The patience, the deep breaths, the not doing it perfect and then hiding around the corner to cry.”

Kramer noted that all parents can relate to the moment she had and to the fact that no matter how tough things get, her love for her children never wavers.

“And like my therapist told me today … ‘you may feel heavy today but tomorrow you won’t.’ And it’s so true. They are tucked in bed and I’m exhausted but I can’t wait to kiss their faces in the morning. And to my single mommas who need the ‘you’re doing great’ acknowledgment (because we all need it) I’m here to tell ya you’re doing a great job, it’s okay to breakdown, it’s okay to not be perfect, it’s okay. You’re crushing it,” she added.

Fans took to the comments to thank the star for sharing this intimate moment and some even shared their personal experiences as well.

“Thank you for being so raw about this. My greatest joy is being a Mom but the days where everything feels like its on fire around me… I wish was spoken of more with normalcy. Thats why I continue to follow your journey. I relate and I see you sis,” a fan wrote.

“Just wrote what your therapist told you on a post-it next to my bed. I’m a newly single mama to an 11 week old in a domestic violence homeless shelter. It’s hard, but whenever my son smiles it reminds me that he is my dream come true, & this will all be worth it in the end,” a user said.

“I think every mama can relate. I needed to read this tonight,” a commenter added.

“As a parent myself even though my children are grown I can relate, there are days you just need 5 minutes to cry and get yourself together,” someone continued.

This is far from the first time that Kramer has been transparent about motherhood, and during an interview with Yahoo Life in September, she opened up about why she has been so candid.

“I think it’s been therapeutic, but it’s also hurt a lot because it’s easy for people to pick things apart,” she admitted. “I do have a very hard time with voices in my head. When I hear those negative things, I start believing those negative voices. … I let those dictate how I feel sometimes. But I do know that at the end of the day I am helping people. And the other people that aren’t here for it, well, then they don’t need to follow me.”