Get ready to get to snapping, because the Addams Family is back with a brand-new Netflix series! Wednesday just debuted its eight episodes in the early hours this morning, reintroducing us to one of the most iconic characters of all time. Jenna Ortega (You, X, Scream) plays the titular character and she gives a fantastic performance. She truly makes the show! But that’s not all. The cast is truly star-studded with Catherine Zeta-Jones playing her mother, Morticia, Luis Guzmán as her father, Gomez, and Gwendoline Christie as the headmistress Larissa Weems at her new school, Nevermore.

Wednesday is a fun-filled mystery and it’s definitely a good one to watch with the family during the holidays. The acting is great, the story is entertaining, and it’s overall just a fun and quirky series worth adding to your watch list!

But if you’re planning to check out Wednesday with little ones around, you might be wondering if it’s appropriate for children. The Addams Family shows and movies are typically geared towards a younger audience; is it the same for the Netflix show?

Wednesday on Netflix age rating

Wednesday has an official age rating of TV-14, meaning teenagers and above are fine to watch on their own. As for those younger than their teenage years, I think it depends on the age. Having watched Wednesday all the way through, I would consider the show appropriate for pre-teens and even a little bit younger as it does have a lighthearted and wholesome spirit, even though it deals with death and murder.

According to Netflix, Wednesday is rated TV-14 for “fear, language, violence.” Without giving away major spoilers, the overarching premise of the series follows the titular character trying to solve a series of murders by an evil creature at Nevermore. Though there’s violence and bloody images, the series doesn’t get super graphic. There’s also a lot of comedic relief to balance out any spooky moments, including the characters Wednesday meets at her new school.

Wednesday Addams is a teenager in the new series and she’s surrounded by high schoolers at Nevermore. Because of this, there’s definitely a teen vibe throughout the episodes, one that doesn’t really ever turn adult. Though the students form romances, there’s nothing sexual beyond some making out.

If the children in your life are into Stranger Things, Fate: The Winx Saga, or Locke in Key, Wednesday will certainly be up their alley.

All eight episodes of Wednesday are now streaming on Netflix.