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THE DC EXTENDED UNIVERSE — “Black Adam” is upon us. It’s the major superhero film in theaters now, and millions of people will go see it. I’m also guessing kids everywhere will ask their parents if they can “borrow” some money and get dropped off at the theater with their friends. But is the movie OK for kids?

I’ll never say whether a movie is or is not appropriate for you or your child — only you can make that choice. I’m here to let you know what is in the movie so you can have more information to make that decision.

Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe is inconsistent with its content. The DC movies tend to be a bit darker, but there is a difference between “Man of Steel” and “The Suicide Squad.” Not to mention the DC movies outside the DCEU, like “Joker” and “The Batman.”

Here is what you can expect to see in “Black Adam.”


“Black Adam” is void of sex or sexual dialogue. There may be a small joke here and there, but there aren’t the typical revealing costumes or any real romance.

Other than a hint that two characters may be interested in each other, there is not much to speak of in this category.


“Black Adam” is on the heavier spectrum of language for your typical superhero movie. Profanity is used throughout, and it’s in multiple forms. There is no use of the F-word, but probably 20 or so curse words throughout the 2 hours and 4 minutes of run time.

The language is PG-13 level.


This is where “Black Adam” pushes the envelope. This is one of the more violent PG-13 superhero films I’ve seen. I wouldn’t say I was disturbed by the violence, but I was surprised. Bad guys are brutally killed from about minute five until the end. Some of it is a little gory, and most kills are violent.

This category could disturb some kids, teens and parents. I don’t know that it reached the R level for violence, but I don’t think it was far from it. The body count is high, and while the kills aren’t always shown on screen, their nature can be very violent and graphic.


As always, this needs to be your choice. But because of the violence, I would say “Black Adam” is more appropriate for teen audiences due to the violence and some of the language.

“Black Adam” is rated PG-13 for sequences of strong violence, intense action and some language.

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