Senate approval sends measure to Illinois House; Pritzker backs repeal

The Illinois Senate voted along partisan lines Tuesday to repeal the state law that requires parents of minors seeking abortions to be notified at least 48 hours before the procedure.

The 32-22 vote in the Senate, with five lawmakers not voting, sends the bill to toss out the Parental Notice of Abortion Act to the Democratic-controlled House. 

“This is a necessary proposal to move our state forward, to protect our young people, often those who cannot protect themselves,” state Sen. Elgie Sims, D-Chicago, sponsor of the repeal, said during a 45-minute debate on the Senate floor.

He and other supporters of the repeal said parental notification is unnecessary and that court procedures required for females 17 and younger who want abortions but don’t want their parents notified are daunting and stressful and sometimes lead to adolescents carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term.