YouTuber and reality TV star Tana Mongeau might have talked smack about fellow influencer and music artist Madison Beer — and Beer’s fanbase isn’t too happy about what Tana had to say.

Tana Mongeau is well known for her hilarious and out-of-this world storytime videos, which often involve high-profile personalities who are not named to avoid potential falling outs (or even possible legal action).

However, her latest story has many fans thinking that she called out Madison Beer, who has launched a fairly successful music career alongside her status as an influencer over the last few years.

On March 2, Mongeau appeared alongside Beer’s ex-boyfriend, Jack Gilinsky, on the “Parental Advisory Podcast,” where they discussed his “ex-girlfriend.”

Mongeau claimed that Gilinksy’s ex “ranked higher” than he does when it comes to her “issues,” saying: “Which is crazy, because you found a way to date someone with more issues than you!”

The conversation went on to detail how Mongeau had a falling out with the unnamed woman, who Tana claimed had been her “bestie” at one point.

According to the YouTuber, her ex-BFF had given her an ultimatum, which ultimately caused their friendship to fall apart.

“We were friends, and now we aren’t,” she began. “Some people don’t vibe, and that’s okay.”

(Topic begins at 1:23:42)

“When there is nothing to win from riding for you, and someone does something for you, it’s a level of respect that you look at,” she continued. “There was a point where this person was kinda like, ‘Choose me or him,’ and he was kind of riding for me mad hard.”

“I don’t live for that, and she had done a lot of fake s**t to me, and I was like, I don’t live for the fake s**t… I know she’s technically the reason why I got close with him, but at the same time, I realized he was someone ride for for life, and that’s what happened.”

A clip of Mongeau’s conversation about this falling out has since gone viral online, and fans of Madison Beer are both certain that Tana was discussing the singer and upset about what she said.

“While Madison is celebrating releasing a hit debut album she’s s**t talking her on a podcast,” one fan wrote. “Stick to story times, Tana.”

“I’m completely shocked (no) that Tana would continue to be a bottom feeder/clout chaser while calling out successful people,” another chimed in. “Madison Beer has more talent in a finger than her.”

While Tana has yet to respond to the backlash, this would be far from the first time she’s received criticism for her storytime videos, which have included much bigger drama than this latest incident.

Tana Mongeau may have thrown shade at Madison Beer and fans are livid