Could better parenting be as simple as looking to the stars?

Probably not… but hey, in the massive mystery of the universe that is the parent-child relationship, every little bit helps.

With the caveat that this guide is for entertainment purposes, please enjoy. You can find your sign, below, and then look to find the signs of your children and what your astrological birth signs say about your relationship.

Aries (March 1 – April 19)

AriesTODAY Illustration / Getty Images

Known for their ambitious nature, Aries excel at every task presented to them. Parenting should be no different! Aries parents instill strong discipline in their children and let them find their own voice and independent thoughts. 

Aries and Aries

When an Aries parent and child collide, they can have many minor, sparky arguments and butt heads easily. However, they’ll both understand the outbursts that persist between the two of them, moving past the issues fast without holding on to any grudges.

Aries and Taurus 

The Aries parents and Taurus children will likely share similar values. They need to keep up with tradition and honor family values in order to build a foundation. Both will invest their time honoring their heritage or culture.

Aries and Gemini

This dynamic duo will spend their days chatting and texting nonstop. In fact, they may even overshare and push boundaries in their parent-child relationship throughout the years. Don’t worry! Their friendly alliance will evolve and grow in time.

Aries and Cancer

Aries parents will feel protective over their Cancer children. They’ll never be far apart for long. If they are, then the Aries parent will monitor their child’s every move by gazing lovingly at their social media status updates. 

Aries and Leo

Creativity will be the glue that holds the Aries parent and Leo child together. This pair will find fun painting and harnessing their artistic sensibilities together. They’ll love taking trips to Michael’s together for the latest crafting projects and activities.

Aries and Virgo

These two signs may argue here and there, because Aries likes to take charge and Virgo finds their nature to be too forceful. However, they both need each other to grow and evolve. Consider doing physical activities together to help you both exert that extra energy.

Aries and Libra 

This familial union can lead Libra to take over the family empire or business that Aries built, which is why the Libra child may be the one who follows in their parent’s footsteps. They will want to take on the world together. 

Aries and Scorpio 

These two understand each other on a soulful level. But, they approach life differently. The Aries parent is fast to act, while the Scorpio child is slow in processing matters, which can lead to opposite ways of handling their emotions. Over time, they’ll learn to find a middle ground that works.

Aries and Sagittarius 

Aries parents are going to travel the world with their Sagittarius child while discussing new philosophies and tasting exotic flavors. Not only will they be the best of travel buddies, but they’ll also discuss and debate their views, allowing them to engage in friendly banter. 

Aries and Capricorn 

The conflict between these two will arise in their needs to be the boss and maintain control of the other. If both (but especially the Aries parent) are willing to give in here and there, then they can thrive in their relationship. 

Aries and Aquarius 

The Aquarius child may feel like the odd one out, which is why they will relish having an Aries parent who’ll push them to embrace their free spirit and nonconformist vibe. The Aquarius child will feel confident being who they are on the inside.

Aries and Pisces 

A spiritual connection will unite these two, leading them to engage in activities like yoga and meditation together. When the Pisces child is older, their Aries parents will take them on a soul-searching trip in nature as a rite of passage into adulthood.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

TaurusTODAY Illustration / Getty Images

Sweet as pie and nurturing to their kin, the Taurus parent has a tough, rigid side as well. As the budgeter of family finances, the bull wrestles between overindulging their children and enforcing a hard work ethic in order for their calves to know the value of a dollar. 

Taurus and Aries 

These are very different. But, their differences keep them together. The Aries child has a tendency to make brash comments without thinking, which can hurt the parental Bull’s feelings. The two may not see eye to eye, as Taurus thinks things out thoroughly and Aries is spontaneous. 

Taurus and Taurus 

When two Bulls come together, expect peace, love and understanding. Taurus has found its ultimate shopping buddy and bestie for a non-stop pleasure cruise. These two love to splurge on good food, clothes and spa days, while encouraging each other’s artistic and luxurious pursuits. 

Taurus and Gemini 

This pair connect by indulging similar interests, such as cooking, art and music. Their bond will grow out of the stability and loyalty that the Taurus parent offers to emotionally changeable Gemini, who can be a rambunctious child. 

Taurus and Cancer 

One of the more fruitful relationships, these two have much to gossip about and create together. Taurus allows their crabby kid to feel safe venturing outside their  shell and leaving their comfort zone to go on new adventures. In return, Bull feels seen by Cancer and is eager to share secrets with them. 

Taurus and Leo 

Taurus and Leo may complement each other’s emotional needs, as both seem to understand the other. Over time, this dynamic can change, with the Leo child using manipulation tactics on the Bull when wanting to break curfew and stay out late. 

Taurus and Virgo 

This stable relationship brings light-heartedness to both signs. Taurus and Virgo connect while enjoying earthly pleasures and enchanting moments together. The Virgo child will often ask their Taurus parents for sound advice, which they’ll listen to. 

Taurus and Libra 

Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, inspiring them to connect over artistic interests. For the most part, these two get along. However, the Libra child can be a little too critical for the Taurus parent, which can cause passive-aggressive arguments. 

Taurus and Scorpio

Opposites attract between a Taurus parent and a Scorpio child. They share a similar view of the world and trust their intuition when assessing situations and people. They are extremely loyal and will be each other’s ride-or-die.

Taurus and Sagittarius 

Grounded Taurus often doesn’t understand the Sagittarius child’s unpredictable lifestyle, which can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications. However, they both appreciate honesty; the truthfulness they find in each other keeps them together. 

Taurus and Capricorn 

Simply put: These two earth signs get each other. They will catch the other before they fall. When times are tough, they laugh it off together. This brilliant familial relationship stands the test of time, as they both find each other reliable, ethical and honorable. 

Taurus and Aquarius 

Taurus and Aquarius value the other’s dedication. However, they often don’t see eye to eye beyond that. Things may get tense at times due to the Taurus parent’s rigidity and the Aquarius child’s quirky nature — which don’t mix well, causing a mutual lack of understanding if they don’t work on communication. 

Taurus and Pisces

Both signs love discussing beauty and art, which is the basis of this relationship. Over time, dependable Taurus may get annoyed by the flighty and flaky nature of their Pisces kid (who’s always late and missing curfew), making it hard to give them the freedom they crave.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

GeminiTODAY Illustration / Getty Images

Children of Gemini are blessed with having two parents wrapped up in one. One may be sweet as a kitten, while the other can be fun and original — replacing their child’s lunchtime snack with a tiara, for example. Gemini parents may have a dualistic nature, but there is never a lack of fun.

Gemini and Aries 

One of the more favorable astrological pairings, these two genuinely enjoy spending quality time chatting on the phone. The Aries child looks to their Gemini parent for advice and guidance. 

Gemini and Taurus 

The Taurus child needs their Gemini parents to help them build their confidence and self-esteem — which they totally will do. Gemini parents are able to help their Taurus children feel better in their skin and will help give them the confidence to attain greatness in every endeavor.

Gemini and Gemini 

Four is a party with these two sets of twins! The laughter never stops, as they discuss novel ideas and trivia. Both have a thirst for excitement, only parting ways when one goes away on vacation or school — but they’ll still remain in close contact.

Gemini and Cancer 

These cosmic neighbors know how to push each other’s buttons, as the Cancer child has emotional reactions and the Gemini parent is more intellectual. However, this duo will give the relationship their all — even enjoying the other’s quirks — as long as both remain consistent. 

Gemini and Leo 

Gemini is an ideal match for Leo — only because Gemini parents want to help their little cub’s desire to be in the spotlight. Similar humanitarian interests bring these two together, forcing them to repair conflicts for the greater good and to use their time wisely in helping others. 

Gemini and Virgo 

Double Mercury trouble! The ultimate Mercurial power duo, Gemini and Virgo feel connected right away, due to their similar communication styles. These two can talk all day — only momentarily pausing when the pragmatic Virgo child puts the brakes on the endless chatter from their Gemini parents. 

Gemini and Libra 

These two know how to seek out airy pleasures together. Libra adds creativity to Gemini’s intellectualism, by opening their favorite twin star up to exciting new artists and visionaries. In return, Gemini teaches their Libra kid about higher minded pursuits — both gaining knowledge from the relationships, making this pairing a meeting of the minds. 

Gemini and Scorpio

The Scorpio child  gets a kick out of their Gemini parents’ funny nature and is inspired by their hustle. Both feel understood by the chameleon nature of the other, making this relationship transformative and solid. When both signs come together, their lives are forever changed.

Gemini and Sagittarius 

The Gemini parent likes to talk things out, while the Sag child likes to avoid emotional discussions. This can cause temporary conflicts that are easily resolved with a short conversation that suits Sag’s attention span and allows Gemini to be heard. 

Gemini and Capricorn 

Capricorn children are the ones who can keep the Gemini parents afloat and make them more responsible through time. Plus, the Gemini parent will feel that they don’t have to remind her Capricorn kid to do their homework, as they are always one step ahead of them on that front.

Gemini and Aquarius 

As one of the more favorable astrological combos, these two know how to have fun together. The good times only stop when the Gemini parent puts up a boundary with their Aquarius babe, who can become over-demanding of Gemini’s time. These two never stay mad at each other for long — they express their feelings and move on swiftly. 

Gemini and Pisces 

Both mutable signs can be wishy washy — going from highs to lows in the span of hours. These two can get along if the Gemini parent learns to control their fast tongue and chooses to use sweet words while communicating with their sensitive Pisces child.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

CancerTODAY Illustration / Getty Images

The natural mother of the zodiac, Cancer is the ultimate nurturing sign as it’s ruled by the moon. Parent crabs are tough as nails to outsiders who criticize their children and are dedicated to being the perfect mother. Balancing work and family can be a challenge, but Cancers love to provide.

Cancer and Aries 

Cancer parents will help in guiding their Aries child towards great heights and achieving their dreams when it comes to their career, Even offering them amazing advice when it comes to the profession that they want to pursue and how to make it happen in reality. 

Cancer and Taurus 

These two think of each other more as best friends than parent and child. Yes, they are aware of the boundaries that must exist between them at all times. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a lot of fun and laughter. 

Cancer and Gemini 

The Gemini child often confides in their Cancer parents, because they know that they can rely and trust them no matter what information they are telling them. They won’t feel judged or embarrassed in divulging the real “tea” about what’s going on in their personal lives. 

Cancer and Cancer 

When two lunar signs get together, the laughter and tears never stop. Who can ride this emotional roller coaster better than another Cancer? They may experience ups and downs, but they rarely argue — rather, they spend time discussing their feelings. 

Cancer and Leo 

When these two signs are together, they are able to notice their mutual sensitive souls. At the core, both the lion and the crab are kind hearted. It’s just that their bark is bigger than their bite or pinch, which makes them loyal to each other. 

Cancer and Virgo 

A parental relationship between Cancer and Virgo can prove to be beneficial for both. Cancer pushes their Virgo child to be emotionally tougher and less austere. They both teach each other how to care and love unconditionally. 

Cancer and Libra 

Together, these two have fun attending movies, concerts and family parties together. They enjoy going out to restaurants and eating good food and spend the time telling stories from work and school. 

Cancer and Scorpio 

Both watery Cancer and Scorpio understand each other through their emotions. They use their intuition to be in sync. Issues only arise when they are moody, causing them to get snippy. However, these two  make up quickly.

Cancer and Sagittarius 

The archer isn’t one to mince words, which can bring their crabby parent to tears — especially in Sagittarius’ teen years. However, they do share a love of good food, art, and the finer things in life which will bring them together later on.

Cancer and Capricorn 

This pair balance each other out — often relying on the other as their emotional sounding board. Capricorn gives practical advice  and Cancer offers a sensitive perspective on matters. Their differences draw them toward each other, creating a close relationship.

Cancer and Aquarius 

The Cancer parent can be too straight-laced for rebellious Aquarius, which may cause rifts when they are on two different paths in life. However, the love between them both conquers all. 

Cancer and Pisces

Both dreamy and sensitive, these two naturally get along. They completely understand each other and help the other pursue their visions in life — no matter what stands in their way.

Leo (July 22-August 23)

LeoTODAY Illustration / Getty Images

Ferociously protecting cubs comes naturally to this Lioness. Dramatically overreacting to minor issues may cause tensions, but the warmth, love, and loyalty these lions have for their cubs conquers all.

Leo and Aries 

Leo parents take pride in their Aries children’s free thinking and respect their opinions. They often look to them for ways to understand current trends and social changes. 

Leo and Taurus 

There is a lot of push and pull within this dynamic, resulting in Taurus running off to rebel and revolt at a young age. Within time, they will become closer and understand each other better, supplementing a parental relationship for friendship. 

Leo and Gemini 

This connection feels like two peas in a pod. They will engage with each other throughout the day, and always know what the other one is thinking. Throughout the years, they will remain close and often seek counsel or guidance from the other on every matter under the sun.

Leo and Cancer 

The Cancer child aims to be more like their Leo parent, which can mean that they have big shoes to fill. It’s important for Cancer to seek out their own identity (with the guidance of Leo) and create the life that they want on their own terms. 

Leo and Leo 

This relationship may have some struggles along the way, as they are always trying to compete for the spotlight — or push the other towards fame. If they use their big hearts to support each other, their regal energy makes them stronger together. 

Leo and Virgo 

The Virgo child is humble and introverted, while the Leo parent is over the top and extroverted. Virgo is patient and Leo was born running. However, Leo parents will give their time generously and unconditionally to their Virgo child, who in return offers patience for their shenanigans. 

Leo and Libra 

These two have a soft spot for each other, adding confidence and entertainment to the relationship. The two signs never get too deep or talk about matters that can ruffle feathers, keeping everything light hearted and superficial, mostly for appearances sake. 

Leo and Scorpio 

This combination can be especially hard. Leo parents like to shine brightly, while the Scorpio child is drawn to the darker mysteries of life. They have a different way of processing feelings, but can find a middle ground.

Leo and Sagittarius 

No other pair will be more honest with each other than a Leo parent and a Sagittarius child. They will tell each other the truth in a direct manner to have clear and concise communication. 

Leo and Capricorn 

Both Leo and Capricorn appreciate the other’s sensibilities and remain true to each other, even though the Leo parent loves the glitz and glam, while the Capricorn kid remains practical and grounded.  

Leo and Aquarius

Mutual respect and admiration bring these two together. While the path to becoming close may be challenging, they will both try to put their differences aside and try to make it work — hopefully, without rocking the cradle. 

Leo and Pisces 

These relatives will admire the other for their strength, compassion, and above all — fashion sense. The Leo parent and Pisces child connect over their desire to be better people. 

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

VirgoTODAY Illustration / Getty Images

No parent is ever more organized than Virgo. Planning ahead and keeping stock of all your children’s favorite foods and snacks means you never let the cabinets run dry. 

Virgo and Aries 

The Virgo parent will have patience to calm their child’s temperaments. Not only will the Aries child feel supported and nurtured by their Virgo patent, but they’ll also feel seen by them as well. 

Virgo and Taurus 

Their favorite pastimes will be getting manicures, facials, shopping and blowouts. Any activity that allows them to embrace and ignite their earthy vibes will bring them closer together. 

Virgo and Gemini 

The laughter won’t stop between this pair, making them more like comrades than parent and child. But, Gemini will know their Virgo parent is in charge and won’t cross that boundary out of respect.

Virgo and Cancer 

Travel, road trips and trivia games are ways these two signs can connect. It won’t take much effort to deepen their relationship because they are already close, but it’s nice to make memories together. 

Virgo and Leo 

Virgo can totally handle their Leo child’s dramatic meltdowns, even offering them sound advice when needed. The only caveat is that Leo should listen more closely to their Virgo parents, who have the wisdom to help them grow. 

Virgo and Virgo 

Virgo and Virgo are a great pair, as long as they keep their criticisms to a minimum. However, their discriminating nature may bring them together, as these two dislike and like the same foods, books and music. 

Virgo and Libra 

These two share similar interests, making their relationship a meeting of the minds. Connecting over memorabilia and pop culture bring the neighboring signs together. 

Virgo and Scorpio 

Virgo and Scorpio bring out the best in each other, offering comfort and TLC in times of need. They both reassure the other of their devotion by helping calm anxieties and holding frequent deep intellectual conversations. 

Virgo and Sagittarius 

When Virgo gets hot, Sag goes cold and vice versa. There may be speed bumps along the way, but their love of philosophy will keep them close — as long as the Virgo parent keeps their cool when their Sagittarius kid acts out. 

Virgo and Capricorn 

These earthy signs will bond in nature, spending time connecting in the great outdoors. They both share a sarcastic sense of humor, which will leave this pair laughing for hours upon hours together. 

Virgo and Aquarius 

The edgy cup bearer and pristine Virgo share a joint love of holistic endeavors, allowing them to bond over health regimes and spirituality, while spending days at the spa. 

Virgo and Pisces 

Virgo can be a little harsh for sensitive Pisces at times. Ironically, the two become close over Virgo’s brash attitude, which helps Pisces add practicality to their lives, and pursuit of happiness.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

LibraTODAY Illustration / Getty Images

The Libra parent balances her children’s personalities well. She does tend to yell, but once she sees the sadness in her children’s eyes, she stops. Rewarding her children with sweets and gifts warms the Libra parent’s heart.

Libra and Aries

Libra parents have enough patience to deal with the Aries child’s moodiness. They’ll offer insightful ways to handle conflict, which their Aries kid could use when they passionately assert their views. 

Libra and Taurus 

Both signs are ruled by Venus, which means that they connect over art, interior design and creativity. They will bond over cooking together. 

Libra and Gemini 

The Gemini child will help Libra see the world through a different lens. This means that the Libra parent will be taken under the wing of their child in their formative years. 

Libra and Cancer 

The Cancer child and Libra parent love spending time at home watching old movies, trying out new recipes and discussing politics. They are able to share their views without drama.

Libra and Leo 

Odds are that these two will show up at protests together, fighting for the same cause and wanting to defend the rights of others. This will create an unspoken connection. 

Libra and Virgo 

The Libra parent may have a hard time understanding the needs of their Virgo child at first, but over time, they’ll connect on a psychic level (like only a parent can). This will help Virgo flourish in their early childhood. 

Libra and Libra 

Admiring and being admired by each other are central themes of this relationship. Because this pairing is indecisive, it may be hard for them to set concrete plans, as they both want to be accommodating. 

Libra and Scorpio 

This pairing can thrive, if they share a mutual connection. However, it can be tough at times, due to their very different communication styles. Libra shrugs off confrontation, while Scorpio is direct, creating friction. 

Libra and Sagittarius 

Both Libra and Sagittarius relish high minded pursuits, which allows this relationship to blossom in Sagittarius’s youth and be fruitful in their adulthood. Laughter is a key part of this pairing, as these thrill seekers unite. 

Libra and Capricorn 

Their differences bring them closer. They help each other see different aspects of situations, broadening their scopes. Diplomatic Libra can bring innovative insights to steady Capricorn, while the sea-goat cheers on Libra from the sidelines. 

Libra and Aquarius 

These lovely air signs will remain extremely close throughout their lives, due to their mutual sense of style and 24/7 communication. They’ll be texting each other all day.

Libra and Pisces 

This duo enjoys glamour and creativity, making them a fantastic pairing. Whether it be shopping or knocking back a few glasses of Champagne (obviously once the Pisces kid is 21 and over), these signs will always have fun.

Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

ScorpioTODAY Illustration / Getty Images

The Scorpio parent is the ultimate momager! Organizing schedules and play dates is of the utmost importance. The moment their baby arrived, the Scorpion transformed into full-on parent mode. Putting their children before their own needs, cooking meals from scratch and singing lullabies every night are how the Scorpio parent shows their undying love.

Scorpio and Aries 

This parent and child connection will be fine at times, mostly due to the fact that they both are action-oriented. If Aries slows down to listen to their elders and stops being hot-headed, they will be able to take their Scorpio parent’s advice in stride. 

Scorpio and Taurus 

These opposites get along very well. Scorpio parents will do anything to make their Taurus child happy, which will be appreciated by the bullish kid — who won’t take their love for granted. 

Scorpio and Gemini 

It can be hard for these two to relate to each other, but over time they will grow to understand their needs as individuals and their family rules. The Scorpio parents will have a lot of adjusting and transformation to do in order to be a good role model for their Gemini child.

Scorpio and Cancer 

These are two water signs will have an intuitive and psychic connection that transcends time. When one is in need, the other will get a feeling and reach out to them. Their hearts and emotions run deep, like the sea. And their love for each other will be boundless. 

Scorpio and Leo 

Although this combination can be a little challenging, it can work as long as Scorpio gives their Leo child the light and sunshine needed for them to bloom. Rather than urging their Leo kid to take a different path, Scorpio should cheer on anything they decide to pursue. 

Scorpio and Virgo 

This pairing will have a lot of late night conversations with milk and cookies that will allow them to gain clarity on matters that are plaguing them. Not only that, but they will forge a deep connection that will transcend into Virgo’s adult years. 

Scorpio and Libra 

Libra children rely on their Scorpio parents for never-ending support, which will allow them to evolve into the best person they can be. In return, the Scorpio parent will offer routine and structure that will help Libra feel as though things are on balance, rather than off kilter. 

Scorpio and Scorpio 

This pairing is truly devoted to each other. Passions rise at times, but an evolved Scorpio relationship is deep and limitless. Nothing will be able to break it.

Scorpio and Sagittarius 

These neighboring constellations do not get along more often than not. The archer’s bow and arrow is aimed straight for the heart of the Scorpio parent. At times, the truthful words of Sag can either hurt or heal the relationship that Scorpio wants to cultivate desperately. 

Scorpio and Capricorn 

Scorpio and Capricorn have the capacity to do many things due to their active lifestyle and hard work mentality. Their desire for success can make them unstoppable if they go into the family business together or align forces to make money later in life. 

Scorpio and Aquarius 

Scorpio’s intense nature may be a lot for the calm and independent nature of Aquarius. These two signs enjoy sharing ideas and often sparring with words, for fun. They are also able to have a concrete discourse on matters and talk about many topics in an unfiltered manner.  

Scorpio and Pisces 

As one of the most auspicious pairings of the zodiac, these water signs spend time manifesting dreams together and fiercely protecting each other — the Scorpio parent always defends their Pisces child.

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)

SagittariusTODAY Illustration / Getty Images

The Sag parent is brutally honest — to a fault. While the archer may sling their arrows at their children, it’s never out of disrespect; she’s just honest. Live and let live is the motto of the Sag parent. No use crying over spilt milk. Family time will enhance their buoyant personality.

Sagittarius and Aries 

The Sagittarius parent is always pushing their child to think outside the box, which can lead to amazing insights. As long as both are patient and don’t lose their cool, they can accomplish a lot together. 

Sagittarius and Taurus 

This combo can have a hard time, as the Taurus child constantly needs attention and affection from their Sagittarius parent, which they may not be able to give 24/7 due to their work schedule. Finding time for hugs and cuddles is a must in order for this pair to get along in the long term. 

Sagittarius and Gemini 

Opposites attract, as long as the Sagittarius parent is consistent and doesn’t change their minds. The issues occur when Gemini uses intellect to get out of regulations imposed by their Sag parents. 

Sagittarius and Cancer

When Sagittarius and Cancer unite, they go on a journey that includes the theater, movies, hip restaurants and shopping trips. These two signs get along very well in the parent and child role, as they both understand the need to indulge in the finer things.

Sagittarius and Leo

This fiery parent and child combination will be favorable, as both are open to new adventures with the other. The laughter will be infectious. 

Sagittarius and Virgo

These two signs can clash, but they will come together as long as they both listen and don’t react. Communication is something that they both have to work on.

Sagittarius and Libra 

The Libra child will always remain dedicated to their Sagittarius parent, even if their Sag parents are constantly disorganized. It will be up to Libra to keep their relationship intact, which may be too much for them as kids, but they will be able to give the partnership more energy as they get older.

Sagittarius and Scorpio 

The Scorpio child can feel intimidated by the confrontational nature of their Sagittarius parents. Therefore, it’s best for Sagittarius to take a softer approach when discussing things with them to ensure that they aren’t hurt. 

Sagittarius and Sagittarius 

Their mutual enthusiasm for life allows these besties to establish a firm relationship. Whether they’re backpacking around Europe or camping in the Gold Coast, these two use their joie de vivre to heighten experiences together. 

Sagittarius and Capricorn 

At first glance, the archers may appear to be wild and in need of parenting themselves, even though they are the parents of regimented Capricorn. These signs start to appreciate the other, learning to nurture their differences. 

Sagittarius and Aquarius 

Often matched together, these two start off strong, but, over time cracks begin to form in their relationship as they both find the other too fanatical for their palate. A great familial relationship can exist, as long as both don’t get on their soapbox often. 

Sagittarius and Pisces

The sky’s the limit when Sag and Pisces unite, offering each other hopeful insights on life. Both signs love to take chances together, which gives this relationship the potential to become expansive and bigger than life. 

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

CapricornTODAY Illustration / Getty Images

The loyal sea-goat may seem to be a little austere in early childhood development. However, it’s only because they are admiring their children from a distance. Capricorn parents take great pride in their children’s wins and happiness—also always defending and loyally standing by their children’s choices.

Capricorn and Aries 

Both of these signs have dominating personalities, which will make it hard to see who the parents and the child are. In order for them to coexist, it’s important for them to have strict boundaries and rules that they follow to avoid arguments that can last weeks. 

Capricorn and Taurus 

This is a very chill pairing, but tensions arise when the Capricorn parents assert their power over their Taurus child who wants to only have fun. The Capricorn parent will have a lot of restless nights wondering where the Taurus child is, as they’re prone to rebel.

Capricorn and Gemini 

These two signs get along really well, especially since they both understand that they are constantly changing and growing. The Capricorn parents will inspire their Gemini child to reach for the stars and to work hard for their goals, which will be an important life lesson for the air sign to learn at a young age.

Capricorn and Cancer 

Capricorn offers practicality to their Cancer child who is full of emotion. Although the Cancer child can feel as though Capricorn parents are a tad austere at times, they will take it as a lesson to toughen up when faced with life’s adversities.

Capricorn and Leo

This cosmic connection is sometimes tough. Capricorn needs to give Leo the freedom to grow in their own way, which can be tough for a parental sea-goat to do as they are super protective of their little cub and don’t want them to suffer in the real world. 

Capricorn and Virgo 

It’s important for Capricorn to teach their Virgo child how to have a strong work ethic, as it will help navigate them towards achieving their own success in future years. This will elevate Virgo to their highest potential.

Capricorn and Libra 

When the going gets tough, this cosmic connection tries to work out their problems. This means long night talks with their parents over matters instead of receiving a punishment for sneaking out of the house.

Capricorn and Scorpio 

Here’s a pair that has a lot of fun going to museums, watching scary movies together, and dressing up for Halloween. They will always have a lot to talk about and share with each other throughout the years.

Capricorn and Sagittarius 

As long as Capricorn respects their Sagittarius child’s individuality, and doesn’t impose traditional views upon them, then they can get along very well. Respect of individuality is the focus of this relationship.

Capricorn and Capricorn 

These sea goats help the other become successful with encouragement, support, and honesty. They will get nostalgic at times, which will lead to a lot of scrapbooking and discussions about the good old days when their sea-goat was a baby. 

Capricorn and Aquarius 

Fundamentally, these signs are similar. However, Aquarius adds a bit of wildness to the relationship, while Saturn offers structure which is great for a Capricorn parent and an Aquarius child. It seems on brand for the classic parent/child relationship.

Capricorn and Pisces 

These two can thrive, as Capricorn anchors Pisces down from their dreamy cloud, while Pisces adds mystical fantasy to the dynamic. However, the Capricorn parents may feel it so they have to take control over the Pisces in order to steer them in the right direction.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

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Quirky tendencies may make you the odd parent out. Which is perfect, because you rebel against authority. Always looking for new ways to improve, the Aquarius parent may work on innovative ways to improve the relationship with their kids.

Aquarius and Aries

Both signs have rebel hearts, which allows Aquarius to feel understood and seen by their precious ram counterpart. The two together do not need approval from society, which allows the cup-bearer to feel more warm and cozy than ever with the wild ram. 

Aquarius and Taurus

These fixed signs often find themselves taking on the role of friends over parent and child. Aquarius is too free-spirited to plant the roots Taurus craves, which means that the Bull will have to take care of their parent and adult early in this pairing.  

Aquarius and Gemini 

Aquarius loves hanging out with their co-air sign, Gemini. The two have lots in common and talk throughout the night into dawn about exciting new things. Both just need to make sure they can understand the other’s emotional side and give to the other freely. 

Aquarius and Cancer 

The crab can confuse the cup-bearer, as they relate to others through empathic (near psychic) connections, which is the antithesis of how Aquarius lives. This lack of understanding may irritate the cupbearer if the two don’t find common ground.

Aquarius and Leo 

While these two can be a good pair on paper, they don’t see eye to eye easily. Leo puts their needs first while Aquarius is forever focused on the needs of others, and that could break the relationship if they can’t find a middle ground.

Aquarius and Virgo 

Aquarius may find their Virgo child to be a tad withholding. However, they do share an intellectual and verbal understanding which allows them to be a stable and well suited pair. 

Aquarius and Libra 

Aquarius loves Libra’s adoration and attention most of the time, but sometimes they need a break in order to stay in-tune their independent spirit. As long as Libra understands this, these two can share a great connection.

Aquarius and Scorpio 

Both are drawn to each other and believe in higher-minded transformative pursuits, but the drama starts when Aquarius feels their Scorpio kid is manipulating them to get their way. 

Aquarius and Sagittarius 

This duo finds solace and harmony with each other. Their relationship starts off with common ground, as they usually connect through group activities and shared interests—like a mommy and me class or a dance class. They have a humanitarian streak that binds them together. 

Aquarius and Capricorn 

Aquarius often distances themselves from their cosmic neighbor, Capricorn, because while they both share some of the same beliefs, Aquarius is more about experimentation, while Capricorn is a traditionalist. The Aquarius parent is constantly trying to get their Cappy kid out of their shell to have fun. 

Aquarius and Aquarius 

The ground shatters, lightning lights up the sky, and the tides crash when the electric duo of Aquarius-on-Aquarius unites. Together, they cause riots, uproot beliefs and change the norms of society. They can even challenge the conventions of a traditional family. 

Aquarius and Pisces 

This may be a fairy tale connection if Aquarius learns to respect Pisces deep emotions and be present for them. This relationship pushes Aquarius to change their ways to learn more about how it is to exist in the realm of feelings as opposed to rationality. 

Pisces (February 19-March 20) 

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Anxiety may cause the Pisces parent to worry about their kids. Overparenting can feel like smothering, but it’s always meant with love. Pisces parents can escape with their children through the arts and their mutual love of music. Protective by nature, Pisces always makes sure their babies are safe. 

Pisces and Aries

Pisces often feel confused by their Aries kin, as they want to share deep feelings all night and Aries opts to skip over their sentiments rather quickly. Tender Pisces may get hurt by their kids’ tempestuous and fiery sentiments. 

Pisces and Taurus

They can be the best of allies, as long as they stick to the plan and commit to being honest about their needs. Taurus needs to respect their Pisces parents’ feelings even if they can’t understand them at times. 

Pisces and Gemini 

As long as the Pisces parent doesn’t step over their child’s boundaries, then they will get along easily with their Gemini kid. There needs to be a lot of structure in place for these two to get along and to not argue every day.

Pisces and Cancer 

Intuition and fantasy draws this watery pair together. Neither of them needs words to understand the other. They are connected through emotions and psychic feelings, deep under the waves, which will unite them. 

Pisces and Leo 

Pisces aren’t huge fans of confrontation, but who is? This pairing can work, but only if Pisces stands their ground, which may be challenging for the weepiest sign in the zodiac to do — especially when their child is super direct, like Leo.

Pisces and Virgo

Pisces is drawn to Virgo for their practical nature, but may feel misunderstood at times as they both have different ways of understanding the world and others. Virgo uses pure methods and facts and Pisces uses their pure intuition which can cause a divide in their household. 

Pisces and Libra

Pisces considers Libra their creative contemporary. However, Libra’s super analytical communication style can make Pisces feel baffled and tongue-tied. Both signs need to be patient and sensitive with the other to get along. 

Pisces and Scorpio 

Pisces relies on Scorpio to guide them through their feelings and offer advice. These two are a very good match as they use intuition to navigate and are dedicated to change and growth. 

Pisces and Sagittarius 

This adventurous and spiritual pair can groove to the same beat, but over time Pisces may dampen the archer’s fire, which can lead to Sag feeling lost in a fog and unseen by their Pisces parent. 

Pisces and Capricorn 

Pisces feels grounded by Capricorn, who can help them manifest their dreams into reality. Pisces needs to stay on schedule as they can daydream their life away. Capricorn thrives on order and will keep it, no matter what.

Pisces and Aquarius 

Pisces finds the Aquarius mind fascinating, but is often confused by the cup-bearer’s tendency to withhold emotions rather than expressing them, even when they are safe and not being judged. 

Pisces and Pisces 

What a dreamy pair! Pisces and Pisces set adrift on the watery seas and create a whimsical reality of warm and fuzzy feelings. This is a solid match as long as the two don’t get so absorbed in their imaginations that they forget all about the world around them.