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On Oct. 13, the new vaccination-differentiated safe management measures (VDS) preliminarily kicked in across malls, attractions, hawker centres, and coffee shops across Singapore.

Under the new VDS, unvaccinated persons are no longer allowed into malls and attractions in the country.

Now, cinemas, which are generally located within malls, have also removed the option of unvaccinated halls completely, which leaves the unvaccinated unable to watch movies in theatres here.

Only fully vaccinated halls available

A quick Google search revealed that all major movie operators have announced the implementation of only fully vaccinated halls from Oct. 13.


Via Cathay Cineplexes

Via WE Cinemas. Formerly known as Eng Wah Cinemas

Via Eagle Wings Cinematics

Via Filmgarde Cineplexes

Even independent cinemas, such as the Projector, have also implemented the policy of fully vaccinated halls.

Via Carnival Cinemas Singapore, which specialises in screening movies from South Asia. 

In response to Mothership‘s queries, Golden Village, Singapore’s largest cinema operator, also confirmed that it has removed the option of unvaxxed halls islandwide from Oct. 13.

Who can go to the cinema

Under the new VDS measures, cinemas across the country will only operate “fully-vaccinated halls” for:

  • Fully-vaccinated individuals who have completed 14 days after their second dose, and
  • Children aged 12 years and below from the same household

However, some cinemas, such as Golden Village and Shaw, also stated that individuals who can show a valid negative Pre-Event Test (PET) result in the last 24 hours will be allowed into vaxxed halls, in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

This leeway is to cater to individuals who are partially unvaxxed or totally unvaxxed.

Difference between unvaxxed and vaxxed halls

Previously, unvaxxed halls did not allow patrons to eat inside.

This luxury was afforded only to the vaccinated in vaxxed halls.

Dos and donts

Before being permitted entry, patrons will be asked to show proof of their vaccination status (e.g. via the TraceTogether/HealthHub app), or their valid approved document with a negative test result from an MOH-approved provider.

Food and drinks will still be allowed to be consumed in all fully-vaccinated halls.

Under current measures, only up to two persons will be allowed to sit together in all vaxxed halls.

A cap of 20 per cent of the individual vaxxed hall’s capacity will be implemented for children attendees.

According to a spokesperson from Golden Village, while children 12 years and below are still allowed into vaxxed halls, the “same rules governing the admission of children based on movie classification also remain”.

General: Suitable for all ages

Parental Guidance: Suitable for all but parents should guide their young

Parental Guidance 13: Suitable for persons aged 13 and above but parental guidance is advised for children below 13.

In addition, movie-goers are advised to keep their masks on at all times, except for when eating or drinking.

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Top images via Golden Village VivoCity/Google Maps and Lean Jinghui