Don’t forget peanut butter mandate?

I discover it odd that some mothers and fathers are so vocal about children donning masks in faculties [“School mask mandate decision pending,” News, Feb. 9]. It not only protects them but safeguards other folks within just the university, which include other children or grown ups who may well be immunocompromised and not able to get the vaccine.

Not that extensive in the past, quite a few schools went to a no-peanut-butter mandate. Why? Due to the fact a handful of young children inside of the school had a peanut allergy, and remaining exposed to peanut butter could potentially kill them.

I never recall parent outrage about the right to select whether or not their small children introduced peanut butter to college because their youngsters had no peanut allergy. It was done to shield others — just as masks are worn to safeguard some others.

Why does one guardian get to pick whether one more child receives to reside or not? Where is the sense of social accountability . . . of community . . . of humanity?

— Barbara Obstgarten, Port Jefferson Station

It is all about keeping the mothers content

Just five weeks as Nassau County govt, Bruce Blakeman seems to be signaling that he is aspiring to bigger place of work, but he will probably settle for now as currently being a darling of conservatives, locally and nationally [“GOP, parents embracing Blakeman,” News, Feb. 7].

Newsday devoted its go over and the up coming two internet pages to Blakeman’s grandstanding in his avowed endeavor to stay clear of the “peril if you are getting a mother mad at you.”

He does not quote the science on the significance of sporting masks. Let’s hope he turned the site, actually, and browse about a examine by the Centers for Disorder Handle and Avoidance headlined, “Study: Masks Vital.”

Probably he will invite Dr. Nancy Kwon, vice chair of emergency medicine at Lengthy Island Jewish Professional medical Center, to examine with him the the latest stats that on a person day, hundreds of new instances of COVID-19 have been claimed together with 7 deaths, and that is in Nassau County by yourself.

Blakeman would be effectively advised to take into account the peril of the wrath of an educated electorate following he fails to handle the main issues he campaigned on and alternatively is targeted on elevating partisanship previously mentioned the wellness and perfectly-getting of his constituents.

— Dorothy Jacobs, Island Park

County Government Bruce Blakeman has very little power to make the regulations about mask carrying. What Blakeman does have is electricity to deal with the assets tax assessment process. I am weary of retaining and shelling out an attorney to maintain my taxes reasonable.

I comprehend that he has just taken office, but I glance forward to when Blakeman is not just issuing his tips on masks but puts in the difficult do the job of essentially governing Nassau County.

— Glenn Aldridge, Yard Town

Private schools would give parents control

In numerous Extended Island universities and individuals all through the nation, a battle is heading on around mask prerequisites. The real option to these issues is “parental choice in schooling.”

Supplying vouchers for private schools funded far under cost for every community school university student would give mothers and fathers total regulate more than these kinds of troubles as mask needs.

Sure, private colleges have to be approved by the state in meeting instructional prerequisites in math, English, history, science, art and songs. Aside from mom and dad getting necessities they want and their children getting far better educational high-quality, the taxpayers also acquire big by saving income.

Imagine if all of us could see our university taxes go down.

— Frank J. Russo Jr., Port Washington

The author is on the executive committee of Very long Islanders for Educational Reform.

Dem gerrymandering no distinctive than GOP

The Democrats’ gerrymandering in New York Condition is completely wrong [“Dems do dirty district dance,” Editorial, Feb. 1]. But I have no sympathy for the Republicans whining about it. In numerous states where the Republicans have management, they are undertaking the exact same thing. What is superior for the goose is superior for the gander.

— Roger Kaufmann, East Northport

Really don’t blend politics and geography. Though Queens and Brooklyn are section of New York City’s 5 boroughs, geographically they are element of Very long Island [“Home prices’ long climb,” News, Feb. 4].

This doesn’t help little ones understand geography and civics.

Perhaps the exact frame of mind is employed by the politicians who drew the the latest congressional districts.

Rather than having politicians draw the strains, insist on voters with no political affiliation drawing them.

— Steve Birkeland, Bayport