This TikTok parent revealed how she turned the corner of her child’s room into a safe space she calls a “calm down corner!”

Lauren Mejia (@lauren_mejia_) is a parent who shares creative parenting hacks and Montessori learning strategies on TikTok. Lauren recently shared a video explaining how she created a “calm down corner” to give her child a safe place to process big emotions and calm down when they’re having a tough time. 

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In the video, Lauren provides a numbered list of all the things the calm down corner is perfect for. Unlike a time-out corner, which generally serves as a form of punishment, Lauren’s calm down corner is all about healing and working through tough emotions.

The video begins with a shot of the calm down corner, which features a cozy beige backrest pillow, framed artwork, and plenty of books and toys. A caption reads, “What we use our calm down corner for.”

The first use for the calm down corner, according to Lauren, is “having ‘time-in’ when big feelings are present.’” A close-up shot of the wall reveals that the framed artwork is actually designed to help kids identify and work through big feelings

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One piece of art reads, “Calming Techniques,” and includes illustrated calming strategies like “breathe deeply” or “read a book.” The other piece of art reads, “Feelings,” and includes illustrations of children experiencing emotions ranging from happiness to sadness to silliness. 

Second, Lauren explains in a caption, the calm down corner can be used for “wind down time before bed/naps.” The camera pans over to the backrest pillow, which sits atop a soft shag rug. 

Third, the calm down corner makes a great “cozy place to read.” Next to the pillow, there is a wall-mounted shelf with a range of different picture books. Some, like All Are Welcome, seem designed to inspire, while others, like Are You a Cow? are more lighthearted. 

Finally, Lauren explains, the calm down corner is perfect when her child needs “a safe place to work through emotions.” In a small box next to the bookshelf, Lauren reveals a handful of different coloring books and sensory toys, designed to give her child a safe, creative outlet for their feelings. 

The video concludes with a final caption, in which Lauren explains the true purpose of the calm down corner. “This is not a punishment and is not the same as time out,” she explains. “Just simply a safe place for your child and you.” 

Viewers applauded Lauren’s creative calm down corner in the comments section. 

“OMG, this is the best idea!” wrote one enthusiastic viewer. 

“Currently making our bay window into a reading books/time-in space because of this video,” wrote another TikToker. 

Kids may be small, but they have big emotions! Creating a calm down corner can be a great way to give kids a safe space to work through their feelings.

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