When you have children in your life, you can quickly realize just how quickly time flies by. Holding on to those precious memories and moments and even giving children something to treasure in their future is important. However, how can you keep the days and memories, and how can you display them for them to see and share?

Hand and Footprints in Time

It can be amazing to see how quickly tiny hands and feet grow – especially in those first early years. Getting hands and footprints made in clay or either on a canvas using child-safe paint can be a good way to look back and reflect on how much the children in your life have grown and changed over time. You could perhaps look at capturing a footprint or handprint once a year. You can then frame these prints, or you can keep them in a journal as a keepsake for you or for your children.

Creating Photo Albums

Photos can capture special moments, and they can capture those important milestones, too, such as your child’s first steps. Putting together a photo album for each year of your child’s life gives you something to reflect on. However, it also gives you a chance to reflect on how they have grown and changed. It can be fascinating seeing how changes can happen from one year to the next. You can start creating a photo album full of everyday photos, or you could look at getting professional photos taken of all of your family together. A photo album can be a lovely keepsake that you or your children will treasure for many years.

Having A Blanket Featuring Their Favorite T-shirts and Tops

When your children have outgrown their favorite clothes, it can be hard letting go. Fortunately, you can cherish all of their favorite outfits (and theirs, too) by getting a personalized and handmade blanket made up. At My T-Shirt Blanket, you can send off those pieces that you love (and that you hold close to your heart), and you can get them made into fleece-backed blankets or quilts. These can be quilts or blankets that can be used by you or by your children. Blankets can provide comfort for many, and they can give you time to pause and reflect on just how much your little ones have grown.

Creating New Family Traditions

When you are busy with everyday family life, it can be hard to stop and make quality time for each other. However, carving out time to make and create new family traditions together is important. Those new family traditions will be held close to your children’s hearts as they grow and as they move through life. When you are looking at creating new family traditions, try to think about what you can sustain each and every year. You don’t have to go too big with your plans, just as long as you ensure that you can repeat the same tradition year after year.